B-52 Bombers Perform Bomber Task Force Missions With Czech Fighter Aircraft

B-52 Bombers Perform Bomber Task Force Missions With Czech Fighter Aircraft
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Czech fighter jets escorted and conducted training missions with US B-52 Stratofortress bombers while flying over Europe. These training flights were done as a part of an integration mission to conduct bilateral and theater familiarisation operations.

The B-52 aircraft landed in Ostrava, Czech Republic on the 21st of February for training quick-turn sortie generation. Quick-turn Sortie Generation is a maneuver where the pilots and the aircrew shut off the engines of the aircraft, repack the parachutes, and perform refuels to verify their readiness for quick turn-around missions. Performing these exercises from different locations enables aircraft to be quickly launched from various allied airfields. This helps to extend the range of operations.

Commander of US Air Force in Europe said in a press release,

“Operations like these truly enhance our interoperability with our Allies and Partners. We’re baking-in the necessary skills to it increases our combined capabilities and readiness while allowing flexible and agile options for Allied bombers to respond to any changes in the operational environment.”

Due to the recent conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, the United States forces have been participating in a number of NATO air missions. Especially they are conducting routine patrolling missions over the area of conflicts using aircraft such as RQ-4 Global Hawk drones and Boeing RC-135s.



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