Sweden Test Fires Large No Escape Ramjet Meteor Missiles With Saab Gripen E, F-35s Next?

Sweden Test Fires Large No Escape Ramjet Meteor Missiles With Saab Gripen E, F-35s Next?
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In the most recent war between Russia and Ukraine, it was made clear that the missiles launched from any platform are necessary in modern warfare. So it seems like everyone has turned their focus towards longer-range killer missiles.

The latest country to test out these missiles is Sweden. Saab company recently announced that their Saab Gripen E fighters aircraft successfully fired a Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM) at a test target. This target has been successfully destroyed according to them.

This test took place at an undisclosed time over the Vidsel test range in the northern part of Sweden. Sweden tested this missile with their most modern version of Gripen the Saab Gripen E at an altitude of 16,500 feet or 5,000 meters.

According to the makers of this missile, it is ramjet powered and thanks to that it can provide the largest no Escape zone of any air-to-air missile system. Its range is several times greater than the current MRAAMs.

This missile is guided by an active radar seeker which works in all weathers. It can also be equipped with both impact and proximity fuses. This air-to-air missile is effective against anything from fighter aircraft, to UAVs, and cruise missiles.

The missile is already in service with the Swedish Air Force and now they are trying to expand it to other partnering nations of the program. Now that the test with the Gripen was a success, it will be soon deployed to F-35 Lightning II as well.

Mikael Olsson, Head of Flight Test & Verification, Saab said in a statement that,

“It feels very good that we have now completed the first test firing with Meteor from Gripen E. It is a very important milestone both for the program and for Saab. It shows that the weapon capability of Gripen is at the absolute forefront”



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