When French And British Birds Engage In “Dog-Fight” Missions

When French And British Birds Engage In “Dog-Fight” Missions
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Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons fighter jets have been conducting combat training missions with French Rafale fighter jets this week. These missions took place around the Eastern Mediterranean area.

Rafales and typhoons engage in air combat missions
Credits: RAF

French Rafale multi-role fighter jets flown by the Air Force base based in the middle east joined the training with the Typhoon fighter jets from Royal Air Force 903 Expeditionary Air Wing in Cyprus. The fighter jets’ bi-lateral air-to-air combat training was supported by an RAF Voyager, also from the 903 Expeditionary Air Wing. The Voyager aircraft of the Royal Air Force is an air-to-air refueling tanker and also operates as a strategic air transport aircraft.

RAF Voyager refueling French Rafale
RAF Voyager refueling French Rafale. Credits: French Air Force

“In addition to some very valuable flying, the operation sends a strong strategic message that we remain in the Eastern Mediterranean as a valuable member of both the counter-Daesh mission and other NATO operations, ready and able to work seamlessly with our many partners in the region.”

Eurofighter typhoons engaged in rare and vital one-to-one dissimilar air combat training, also known as “dog-fighting” with the French Air Force Rafale fighters. RAF Voyager tanker gave immense support by increasing the mission time of the fighter aircraft.

French Air Force General Lanni said,

“This activity between French and British fighter aircraft in a strategic area illustrates the joint commitment capabilities of our two armed forces, based on strong interoperability and on the respect and enforcement of international law.”

French Air Force Rafale fighter jets
French Air Force Rafale fighter jets


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