When British Fighter Jets Go “Against” Greek Fighters

When British Fighter Jets Go “Against” Greek Fighters
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Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets deployed in Romania recently participated in “Dissimilar Air Combat Training” with the Greek Air Force. Royal Air Force said these dissimilar combat training were conducted over Romania with Hellenic Air Force F-16s. Among the aircraft that participated in the mission is also a Voyager tanker from 903 Expeditionary Air Wing based out of RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus.

These types of training are really important for the pilots of both sides to test capabilities and improve interoperability among nations.

Fight Lieutenant Whatmough, 3(F) Squadron Pilot said that,

“Training with the Hellenic Air Force and their F-16 aircraft has provided 3(F)Sqn with some fantastic opportunities to once again explore the capabilities of Typhoon alongside our NATO partners.


This flight brings an end to the multinational exercises conducted during Op BILOXI 22. The training we’ve undertaken has been invaluable in ensuring the Pilots, Ground Crew and Aerospace Battle Managers gain the experience required to maintain Operational Capability”

Over the last 4-months period of deployment in Romania, other than carrying out NATO-enhanced air policing missions, the Typhoons from 3(F) Squadron have conducted several bilateral pieces of training with multiple NATO nations.



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