Watch: Ukrainian Fighter Pilots Trying To Dodge Russian Missiles

Watch: Ukrainian Fighter Pilots Trying To Dodge Russian Missiles
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These footages show how Ukraining fighter pilots are flying so low to the point that they would touch the trees. In a cockpit video shared on social media, a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jet could be seen performing maneuvers over a green field in the Donbas region. As seen in the video this fighter aircraft is loaded with a typical load of 4 B-13L 122mm rocket pods and 2 PTB-800 drop tanks.

At first, the Ukrainian fighter aircraft is seen flying along a somewhat populated road. Then you can see that the pilot’s radar warning light starts flashing, suggesting that his fighter aircraft had been locked by a Russian surface-to-air missile system.

As an evasion maneuver, the pilot tilts his aircraft left and right at a very high speed and a low altitude making his aircraft’s wing tips almost hit trees. After a number of turns, the pilot could successfully evade the missiles before they could be launched.

Another video has been shared on social media of a Ukrainian fighter aircraft of the same type (Su-25) deploying flares to avoid getting shot by a Russian missile. Ukrainian fighter pilots are doing deadly low passes over battlefields all over Ukraine to avoid getting detected by the Russians. According to the local sources in Ukraine, one fighter jet has been crashed after hitting electricity cables when it was doing a very low pass.





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