Watch: This Is What Pilots Do During Carrier Landings

Watch: This Is What Pilots Do During Carrier Landings
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Cockpit videos are one of the most famous video types among all aviation fans. Destroying moving targets, evading SAM missiles, flying in formations, Thunderbirds or Blue Angels demonstration teams are the most common cockpit videos we come across. We have shared some cockpit videos of F-16 Pilot dodging SAM Missiles and pilots experiencing a bird strike too.

Most of the cockpit videos are straightforward. They could be easy to follow. You can just enjoy the surrounding from the pilot’s point of view and hear the sound of the aircraft and the pilot. Low-level flying cockpit videos while enjoying the landscapes are also very fun to watch.

Most of the time in cockpit videos you just get to see only the fun parts. But do you know how many details a fighter pilot has to pay attention to while flying? The following video will break things down for you. In the following fighter pilot podcast video, a pilot describes what is happening in a daytime carrier landing from his experience. The fighter aircraft shown in the video is a F/A-18.

He does a good job by explaining to us fighter jet fans by going from display to display and letting us know what they mean until the F/A-18 touches the deck of the ship and comes to a full stop. Enjoy!



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