Watch: Huge RC Vulcan Making Real Engine Fire During Flight

Watch: Huge RC Vulcan Making Real Engine Fire During Flight
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The Avro Vulcan is a strategic bomber manufactured by the Avro; Hawker Siddeley Aviation. This bomber is a jet-powered, tailless, delta-wing, high-altitude bomber aircraft used by the Royal Air Force. It was introduced in 1956 and was in service of the Royal Air Force till 1984. The Vulcan bomber has a range of 4,171 km and a top speed of 1,038 km/h. The wingspan of the Vulcan is almost 100 ft.

Avro Vulcan can accommodate 5 crew members including a pilot, co-pilot, AEO, Navigator Radar, and a Navigator Plotter. In addition to that 2 extra seats can be also fitted for crew chiefs.

All the history and technical details of the real Vulcan aside, how cool is this RC model of the Vulcan? Even though the Vulcan was used as a strategic bomber by the Royal Air Force, it was also used in maritime radar reconnaissance and in aerial refueling too. This aircraft is such an amazing one, no wonder Dave, the person in the video chose it for modeling.

The RC Vulcan model featured in the following video has a wingspan of over 20 ft, weighs 300 pounds, and has a top speed of 120 mph. This RC model is powered with 4 Jetsmunt 160 gas turbines and the engines need 5 gallons of fuel to keep them running. Dave and his team took 3 years to design and build this 1/5 scale model of Vulcan. If you watch at the 4:20 timestamp you can see how the engine is ejecting flames. Enjoy the live action of this RC Avro Vulcan and the spectacular landing too!



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