Watch: How Ukrainian Combat Drone Destroys A Russian Helicopter

Watch: How Ukrainian Combat Drone Destroys A Russian Helicopter
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According to reports by Ukrainian authorities, they have destroyed a Russian helicopter on Snake Island in the western Black sea. The helicopter was destroyed while it was attempting to unload troops on the island.

Yaroslav Trofimov who is the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent of The Wall Street Journal shared the footage taken by the drone on Twitter saying,

“Snake Island has really become a shooting gallery as Russian landing craft and helicopters keep getting destroyed. Video from Ukraine’s Southern Command.”

If you look at the footage carefully, you can see Russian troops on the ground right before the helicopter is destroyed. Multiple casualties could’ve resulted from this drone attack by the Ukrainian military.

The Ukrainian military also published another video of a drone destroying a Russian landing craft claiming to be from the same engagement.

The Ukrainian Air Force has used a Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drone in the attack and the Russian helicopter which was destroyed is reported as a Mil Mi-8.



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