US B-52H Bomber Entered Russian Airspace And This Happened

US B-52H Bomber Entered Russian Airspace And This Happened
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According to National Defense Command Center, three Russian fighter jets had to take off immediately to escort a US Air Force plane over the Pacific Ocean after it was reported that an unidentified plane has entered the Russian Airspace on the 26th.

Russian news agency TASS reported that Eastern Military Region identified that an air target is approaching the Russian airspace. Then three Russian Su-35S fighter jets escorted the aircraft entered the Russian airspace over the Pacific ocean.

National Defense Command Center said that,

“The fighters’ crews identified the target as a strategic B-52H bomber of the U.S. Air Force and escorted it over the Pacific Ocean. There were no violations of Russia’s state border or dangerous proximity of planes in the air,”

The center added more that the Russian fighter jets strictly followed the international rules for using the airspace.

These incidents happen much often and in August also two Russian Su-27 flanker aircraft intercepted a B-52 bomber over international waters.



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