This F-22 Overheat Repair Costs $2.7 Million

This F-22 Overheat Repair Costs $2.7 Million
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Photo courtesy: Tech. Sgt. Michael R. Holzworth

Careless maintenance procedures and multiple errors caused an F-22 fighter jet to overheat. Part of F-22’s auxiliary power unit was removed 2 days before the 30th October 2020 incident. According to the Air Force, this part was removed so that the airmen could troubleshoot one of the modifications they did.

This advanced F-22 fighter aircraft assigned to the 422nd Test and Evolution squadron at Nellis and maintained by the 757th Aircraft maintenance squadron was preparing for new operational test missions and series of incorrect procedures occurred while airmen overhauled the airframe.

An investigation report released last Friday stating that this bad maintenance procedure, leadership failure, and multiple errors cost 2.7 million US dollars to repair this F-22 Raptor.



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