Taliban Seized A US Black Hawk, But Can They Fly It?

Taliban Seized A US Black Hawk, But Can They Fly It?

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Video of the Taliban attempting to fly a US UH-60 Blackhawk is circulating on the internet and the question has arisen if the Taliban has trained pilots. The answer is most probably “NO” according to the following videos.

After Afghanistan fell to the hands of the Taliban, it wasn’t a secret that they captured most weapons and equipment which Afghan armies left behind. Most of the military equipment and weapons captured by the Taliban were given to Afghan forces by the US military. The US doesn’t have exact numbers, but they assume the Taliban have seized around 2 000 vehicles including Humvees and around 40 aircraft among them potentially including UH-60 Black Hawks.

Many military experts have arisen the question that if the Taliban can operate these highly sophisticated helicopters and equipment. This is what one of Russia’s State-Affiliated media had to say about it on Twitter. “It’s no secret that the Taliban seized a major haul of US military-supplied gear when it took over Afghanistan earlier this month. Does anyone know if there’s an Idiot’s Guide to Flying a Blackhawk? If you’ve got a copy, the Taliban needs you.”


Russia has stated that the Taliban have potentially more than 100 Russian-made MI-17 helicopters which were used by the Afghan forces. But according to reports most of them are already in a grounded state.

So who is going to be piloting these helicopters? One of the Taliban spokesmen had stated earlier that they will ask Afghan pilots to join their army as they do not have trained pilots with them.



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