Meet Aerorovikda: The Ukrainian Drone Unit That Strikes When “Russians Sleep”

Meet Aerorovikda: The Ukrainian Drone Unit That Strikes When “Russians Sleep”
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Ukrαiniαn drone unit Aerorozvidka has destroyed a number of priority Russian targets by attacking while they sleep. This drone unit was started by a group of civil defenders that used crowd-funding when they first started back in 2014. This unit was very successful against Russian invaders in Crimea at that time.

According to the Defense Post now the drone unit receives funding from both the Ukrainian Department of Defense as well as the general public. The Aerorozvidka unit has grown more professional since 2014 and in 2015 it was integrated directly with the Armed forces of Ukraine.

Since the break-out of the recent Russian-Ukrainian war the drone unit Aerorozvidka has been very successful in taking out many crucial Russian targets such as tanks, command trucks, and vehicles carrying electronic equipment.

Yaroslav Honchar, the commander of the drone unit said to The Times magazine that,

“We strike at night, when Russians sleep,”

Commander Honchar further explained that when it becomes dark the Russians hide their tanks in village streets because they know that the Ukrainian Artillery would not risk attacking them since it could harm civilians. Even though it is a risk for the artilleries to launch attacks on these targets, they are ideal targets for the drone unit Aerorozvidka consisted of a highly skilled drone pilot squad.


How Aerorozvidka Launch Attacks

This drone unit consists of 50 squads and the Drones such as DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise are used to locate the Russian military vehicles with the help of their thermal cameras.

Once the most valuable targets are found then they send a unit of custom-built octocopter drone that is capable of dropping anti-tank grenades precisely on targets.

Since many drones of the Aerorozvidka uses thermal cameras, darkness at night time is their best advantage. One of the Aerorozvidka drone squads soldiers said that,

“At the night it’s impossible to see our drones, We look specifically for the most valuable truck in the convoy and then we hit it precisely and we can do it really well with very low collateral damage — even in the villages, it’s possible. You can get much closer at night.”

Drone Fleet Of Aerorozvidka

Aerorozvidka has a range of drones that are specialized in specific tasks. Fleet is range from small consumer drones to large octocopters that are built by their own engineers.

The R-18 is one of their top drone models with a flight time of 40 minutes, a range of 2.5 miles, and can carry a payload of 10 pounds including anti-tank bombs to destroy Russian armed vehicles. The R-18 is Ukraine’s most advanced drone that can also carry out scouting operations.

pd-1 drone
PD-1 Drone

The fleet of Aerorozvidka also consisted of PD-1 reconnaissance drones that can fly for eight hours.



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