Is This The Most Insane Low Pass By A B-52 Stratofortress?

Is This The Most Insane Low Pass By A B-52 Stratofortress?

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In Aviation history, there are a fair amount of insane low passes. But this one is not an ordinary low pass. This is one of the most insane low pass fly-by by a B-52 Stratofortress. Just imagine the size of this aircraft and how low it flies. The B-52 is 265 000 pounds weigh and has a 185-foot wingspan.

This aircraft still plays a huge role in the US Air Force bomber fleet even this photo was taken more than 30 years ago. The performance of this aircraft and the low cost helped this beast to survive for a long time in the United States Aviation journey.

There is a cool little story behind this photo and takes us back to the early 1990. United States carriers and B-52s were carrying out a joint exercise in the Persian Gulf. A couple of B-52s called the USS Ranger carrier and asked permission for a fly-by and the carrier accepted.

When the B-52s said that they were just 9 kilometers out, the carrier air controller said that he didn’t see them. B-52s told the carrier to look down. As the B-52s were getting closer carrier guys could make it outside.

Then the B-52 pilots asked the carrier if they would like the aircraft to come around again. The carrier air controllers said yes and at that moment lot of sailors had cameras and could capture these legendary photos.

Even if the B-52 is a high altitude bomber it is normal for the aircraft to fly in low altitudes to avoid enemy radars and air defenses. But this low pass was something else. It is considered to be very rare that a USAF aircraft fly-by below a flight deck of a carrier.

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