Have You Ever Seen An A-10 Warthog Low Pass This Cool?

Have You Ever Seen An A-10 Warthog Low Pass This Cool?
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Without a doubt, The A-10 Thunderbolt II is one of the most loved aircraft of aviation lovers around the world. If you ask why there are a lot of reasons behind it. The A-10 Warthog is the only aircraft possessed by the United States Air Force which is Solely designed for Close Air Support (CAS) purposes of ground forces.

Another reason to love the A-10 is that it has some awesome engineering behind it. If we talk about a few, the cockpit of this aircraft is well protected by a 1200 pound titanium “bathtub”. If you have ever seen real footage of A-10s in action you won’t ask why. This aircraft can be subjected to heavy damages by the ground enemies since it is flying very low to support ground friendly forces.

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The 30 mm GAU-8/A Avenger mounted on A-10 is the heaviest automatic cannon mounted on an aircraft. The weight of this gun is around 16% of the total weight of the aircraft. The wings of the aircraft are made with a honeycomb panel design so that they will be more battle damage resistant.

These are some amazing engineering behind the Warthog which will make you love it. Do you wonder what else will make you love the A-10? The following video will make you love the aircraft even more. This video was randomly captured by some awesome videographers who post general videos around Montana.

These folks were doing their thing and suddenly not one but two A-10s appear to greet them with mindblowing low passes. These A-10 pilots did a couple of low passes to surprise them. We are pretty sure you will enjoy these amazing A-10 Warthog flybys more as true aviation fans.


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