Footage Shows Gigantic B-52 Bomber Taking Off

Footage Shows Gigantic B-52 Bomber Taking Off

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The B-52 Stratofortress is one of the top bomber aircraft in the world which is designed and built by Boeing. Even if the first flight of B-52 took place 69 years ago, this beast is still operational and will continue to do for many years to come. Even if new bomber aircraft were introduced, B-52 remains in operation because of its high performance and low operational costs when compared with other bombers.

This subsonic, jet-powered, long-range strategic bomber can fly up to a speed of 1,046 km/h even if it weighs around 83 000 kilograms. B-52 Stratofortress has a wingspan of 56 m and a length of 49 m. The following footage shows the taking off and landing of this huge aircraft at the Red Flag exercise conducted by the United States Airforce.

Red Flag Exercises

United States Air Force conducts advanced aerial combat training exercises several times per year. This exercise called as Red Flag exercise takes place for two weeks. The goal of these exercises is to provide realistic air combat training for the pilots and all the crew members.

Enjoy how this gigantic aircraft take off and land at Nellis Air Force Base and don’t forget to turn up your volume!

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