Everything You Need To Know About The Boeing’s New F-15QA

Everything You Need To Know About The Boeing’s New F-15QA

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Even if the F-15 was first introduced back on January 9, 1976, up to today this beast of a fighter jet is used by the most powerful air forces in the world. The F-15 is well known as one of the most successful fighter jets in the world with more than 100 successful targets and most of them are by Israeli air force pilots. That could be the reason this fighter jet is getting a lot of upgrades and the air force is keeping them in service.

Boeing released their F-15EX and it made its first flight on Feb 2nd of this year. On Aug 25, 2021, Boeing rolled out the new F-15QA in collaboration with the US Air Force and Qatar Emiri Air Force. Is it a fighter jet made for Qatar?

Everything You Need To Know About The Boeing's New F-15QA 1

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According to US Air Force Lieutenant General Greg Guillot who is the Commander of Ninth Air Force, the new F-15QA strengthens the partnerships between the United States and Qatar. “It is a privilege and honor to stand with our Qatari counterparts this day and every day.” He added.

The launch of the new F-15QA took place in the Boeing St Louis factory in Missouri where they produce F-15. According to Boeing’s vice president of the F-15 program, the new F-15QA is packed with next-generation enhanced technologies such as the fly-by-wire flight controls, an all-glass digital cockpit, and contemporary sensors, radar, and electronic warfare capabilities. The vice president Prat Kumar added “Driven by digital engineering and advanced manufacturing, these aircraft represent a transformational leap for the F-15. The F-15QA will enhance the superiority of the QEAF with more speed, range, and payload than any fighter in the world.”

Everything You Need To Know About The Boeing's New F-15QA 2

Boeing released a video of the fighter jet roll-out event and it shows the F-15QA is loaded with weapons such as Raytheon AIM-9X Sidewinder and AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles, the Boeing AGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missile, JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition), and the Raytheon AGM-88 HARM (High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile).

Boeing is in the process of pre-delivery pilot training after which the first F-15QAs will fly to Al Udeid before the end of this year. Highlights of the F-15QA launching event can be seen in the video below.

Photo Credits and more: Boeing


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