Craziest Mirage F1 Low Pass You Have Seen

Craziest Mirage F1 Low Pass You Have Seen
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The Mirage fighter jet series is one the most loved fighter jet series in the world. Out of the great mirage combat aircraft series, we cannot forget about the swept-wing member of the family.

The Mirage F1 is a fighter and attack aircraft manufactured by Dassault Aviation and first flight happened on the 23rd of December 1966 which was 54 years ago. This aircraft was primarily used by the French, Iraqi, Hellenic, and Spanish Air Forces.

Thanks to the high-mounted swept wings of the F1 fighter it could take off from a distance of 640 meters and land to a distance of 610 meters.

Craziest Mirage F1 Low Pass You Have Seen 1

All history aside, we found an amazing video where a Mirage F1 pilot trying a dangerous low pass. Not only the pilot but the person who is under the aircraft also taking a huge risk here. Even it is a dangerous thing to do aviation fans always love crazy low passes.

We guarantee that this is one of the craziest low passes or the craziest low pass you have seen in your entire life. Enjoy this impressive low pass by a Mirage F1 pilot!



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